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Archive for August, 2006

The book arrived!

August 28th, 2006

I love signing up for free stuff, but you never know if it’s going to actually come. Sometime in July, there was an ad in the Sunday paper in the coupon section saying that if you went to their web page and printed out a form and sent it in, they would send you the hardcover book, “You, The Owners Manual”, for free.

Guess what? It arrived today! It’s just like the bestseller in the stores, and has a $24.95 suggested retail price on it. I’m very excited, because while I get free samples all the time, I very rarely get a full (and over $2.00) anything for free, so this is great!

Just showing that you really can get free stuff that’s worth something.


August 18th, 2006

Rebates can be a great thing. There are many times where a rebate will make an item free, or very close to it. The only problem comes when you don’t send the rebate in.

Sometimes people only buy the product because of the great price it will be after they get the money back from the rebate. But sometimes they forget to send them in, or loose the receipt, or don’t send in the UPC etc., and therefore don’t get the rebate.

So make sure if you’re going to buy something with a rebate, send it in as soon as possible so you don’t miss the deadline, lose it, or forget about it.

2 Free Items!

August 16th, 2006

Since the newsletter doesn’t come out until Friday, and sometimes freebies go really fast, I just wanted to share two that I found today, and have already signed up for. One you can sign up for now, and the other you can get in person on Saturday.

1. Get a free sample of both Tide Simple Pleasures and Downy Simple Pleasures.

2. Auntie Anne’s is giving away a free pretzel on Saturday, August 19th, from 10:00 AM – 4:00 PM. Go here to find more info.

Speaking about contests…

August 16th, 2006

We’re having a contest on Dreamline Savings!

Win a $25 gift certificate to either Amazon, Target, Barnes & Noble, or Home Depot! It’s your choice!

For each person you refer to the newsletter who signs up, you’ll get an entry into our contest. So the more people you refer, the better chance you have to win!

The contest will end at 9:00AM (Eastern Time) on August 31st. Good luck to everyone who enters!

Contests & Instant Wins

August 13th, 2006

I know this is all supposed to be about savings and spending less, but another way you can still get things and not spend money is to win them! There are countless numbers of contests on the web, and I’ve started to work on a web page for the site to list many of them. Personally, I like the instant win ones, especially when you can enter daily. I don’t play them often, but I’ve won a post-it t-shirt, gatorade water bottle, the cranium fun game, and a few other things. So far nothing big, but for the few seconds it took to enter, it was worth it! Hopefully someone else will have fun entering these contests, and hopefully you’ll win big!

More fun at ShopRite!

August 12th, 2006

Well, after getting the first two $10 off your next orders, I was hooked, and wanted to do it just two more times. So we just got back, and here’s what we got:

12 Kraft Handi-Snacks

Used previous $10 off, paid $2, got a $10 off your next order

and then tried a General Mills promotion which was buy 15 get $10:

12 Pouches of Muffin Mix
3 Pouhes of Cookie Mix

Used previous $10 off, paid $1, got a $10 off your next order.

So we now got 27 items for $3, plus still have $10 off the next time we go food shopping.

I just want to show how easy it is to get free items, or very close to free, and this was without using many coupons (although I did use them on the 3 cookie mix), but you could still have done JUST as well without any coupons at all. So shopping really can be inexpensive, and just look at all the junk food we now have in our house! We’ll go through it slowly though, since it’s good for so long.


August 11th, 2006

I put this in the Friday edition of the Dreamline Savings newsletter, and really hope people decide to sign up. It’s really a smart idea, as you use your credit cards and grocery/drugstore cards anyway, so you might as well get as much as you can extra out of them. The best part is, you can still get your rewards for your credit card, AND get money put into your Upromise account. Talk about getting multiple benefits!

Upromise – Turn your everyday spending into college savings

Upromise is a site that you can join for free and get a small percentage of money back for college on your purchases. You can register either your grocery cards, drugstore cards, debit cards, or credit cards. (You choose which ones, and how many.) There are two ways to get money into your Upromise account. One is by purchasing from specific retailers or restaurants and the other is by purchasing specific items at grocery and drug stores. These items sometimes have a UPromise tag near them. You can then use this money for college. You can use it for yourself, a family member, or even a friend.

On the main page you can click to list all companies currently associated with Upromise, and you can see that when you purchase something (for example at Bed Bath & Beyond) using a credit card that’s entered into their system, you will get money
put into the account. When you go out to restaurants, or go grocery shopping, you will also get money put into the account. According to their site, they are
affiliated with over 40,000 retail stores, over 23,000 grocery and drug stores, over 8,000 restaurants, and over 300 online stores. So whenever you shop at any of those locations, money
will be put into your Upromise account.

Another nice feature is that you can have multiple people link their cards to your account. This allows many people to help save for one person’s education.

Since it’s free to join, it’s a great way to get free money for college. A few pennies on every transaction can really add up over a number of years.

Fun at Shoprite!

August 10th, 2006

We had a lot of fun at Shoprite today! The sale is going on through Saturday night. They’re having a bunch of buy x products by x company, and get $x off your next order.

Most of these deals are ok, but one of them I found to be really great. It’s “Buy 12 Kraft items, get $10.00 off your next order”

Here are some of the prices that work well:

Kraft Macaroni & Chese is 5 for $4
Kraft Salad Dressing is 2 for $2
Kraft BBQ Sauce is 2 for $2
South Beach Dressing is 2 for $2
Handi Snacks 4-pack pudding is 2 for $2
Jell-o Instant pudding is 3 for $3

So for example, you can get 10 Mac & Cheese, 2 of any of the other items listed, pay $10, and get $10 off your next order. You can keep going back and doing it again and again, and it’s all free!

You can also pick 12 of any of the items that aren’t Mac & Cheese, and pay $2 for the 12 items, which is still an amazing price.

We ended up with 10 Mac & Chese, 10 Handi Snacks 4-pack pudding, and 4 Kraft salad dressings, all for a total of $2. We will probably go back again either tomorrow or Saturday to do it once more.

Just wanted to pass it along to anyone who might be interested!

Free Coupons & Ziploc Bag

August 9th, 2006

Clean Home Journal, which is run by SC Johnson, gives away free gift packs every month. This month they have a August Gift Pack that includes a ziploc bag sample, and 4 coupons. Since it’s only available today, and only for the first 2,500 people to sign up, I thought I’d put it here. Enjoy!

Better Idea…

August 9th, 2006

I realized that it’s pretty boring listing all of the things I get for free in the mail, or free/cheap things I get at the store. That’s why it’s been so long since I’ve last posted!

So, I decided I’d rather share things that will be more helpful to you, the reader. I know we put out the newsletter twice a week, but there are still many deals that I don’t get to share, because even though I see them, there is NO way they will still be going on when I send out the newsletter. So I will put any great deals I find on here, that way you can check in-between newsletters to see what other great deals there are. Don’t worry though; I’ll only put the really great ones if I see them, so you won’t be going through a long list!

I’d also like to share my thoughts on money, saving money, making money, etc. I know in the newsletter we have a weekly savings tip, but that’s usually just something quick to help, while here I can go into detail about certain things.

I also want to be able to make comments about the deals here. In the newsletter, since we just give the deals, I feel very strange putting a comment next to something saying “We just bought this, and like it!” but here will be a perfect place to comment on some of the deals we have taken advantage of, or have decided against doing, and why.

Basically, this is just my random musings about everything to do with money. Hope you will enjoy it, and feel free to comment about anything!

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