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Archive for July, 2007

Savings Basics

July 25th, 2007

The goal of Dreamline Savings is to help you save money without changing your lifestyle.  What does that mean exactly?  It means that you should be able to go out to dinner when you want, go to the movies, buy that shirt you want at the mall…but still be able to save money for your bank account, as well as to go on that dream vacation.

How can you do both?  Well, that’s where Dreamline Savings comes in.  We can help show you how you can do the things you want, and buy the things you want for less, so that you can still have money to put into a savings account or use for a vacation.

We even show you simple ways you can make a little extra money, that can either go towards a savings goal, or go towards buying that new video game/purse/etc.

If you’re just starting out, here are some savings basics you can use today to start saving money!

  • Always look for coupons.  They can help you save on almost everything.  Whether we’re talking about restaurants, stores, or even services!

    For example:  If you want to go out to dinner, first check if there is a coupon in your Sunday paper.  Can’t find one?  Go to their website, maybe you can print one out there.  Also consider signing up for their mailing list.  Sometimes restaurants will send coupons to customers on their mailing list.  Sometimes you can get a free appetizer, entree, or a percent off your total.

    This works for stores too.  Anytime you are about to go shopping, look to see if there is a coupon you can use to get money off your total.  This is great if you are shopping at a retail location or if you’re shopping online. 

  • Always look for ways you can spend less.Again, lets say you want to go out to dinner but don’t want to spend a lot of money.  If the portions are big, you have a few options to help you save money.  You can bring home half of your meal, which can then serve as another meal for you, or you can share your meal with someone.  If you share an appetizer and an entree, your total will be less but 2 people will still be full.

    At a store, you can look at items that are on sale or on clearance.  If your favorite store is usually has items that are a bit more than you want to spend, still go visit it, but go to the back.  Most stores have a clearance section where items can be up to 90% off!  You’ll still get the same great items, but spend a whole lot less. 

  • Look for promotions. You would be surprised what you can get for free when you’re buying something you wanted to buy anyway.

     For example, there are often times where if you buy x amount of boxes of a certain brand of cereal, you will get 2 free movie tickets.  Who doesn’t want free movie tickets?  And if you eat cereal anyway, it’s not like you’re wasting money.  Just this past month there was a promotion at Walgreens (which is still going on for a few more days) where if you buy 4 Wyeth products, you will get a $100 spa gift certificate.  If you’ll use the products, why not get a nice massage for free?  These kinds of things go on all the time.

  • Ask for a lower price.

    You’d be surprised how many times you can get a lower price just by asking!  This works best with services, as well as big-ticket items such as cars, appliances, etc.  As long as you’re polite, it can never hurt to ask if you can get a lower price.  The worst they can do is say no…and if they do say yes, you can end up saving a lot of money!  This also works for floor models, or items that have a little scratch or stain of some sort.  You can often get the item for less!

  • There are many more ways to save, and throughout the blog and Dreamline Savings Newsletter you will find many specific examples of how you can save more.

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