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Stores with Good Prices

October 22nd, 2007

We often get asked what stores have the best prices. The truth is – it depends on the product. It also depends on if there is a sale going on. While a store might have the best price on DVDs, they might have only average prices when it comes to appliances. Also, while another store might have only average prices regularly, when they have a sale it could be better than other stores.

But let’s face it. You don’t always have the time to comparison shop for everything, so it is nice to know what stores usually have the best prices. These are the stores we usually end up finding the best prices at…and when we do start our comparison shopping, these are the ones we start with before looking anywhere else.

If looking for DVDs, Deep Discount always has really good prices. They also almost always have some sort of sale going on. They also have free shipping which makes the prices even better!

Amazon has great prices on almost everything. This is usually our first stop when looking for anything. The reviews are also really helpful. This way you can see if other people liked what you want to buy, and it can help keep you from buying a bad product! They have free shipping if you spend at least $25.00, so as long as you’re buying a few things you should get free shipping.

Free Shipping at! also has really good prices, especially on books and electronics. As a matter of fact, they try to offer 10% off of Amazon’s prices when it comes to books.

Click here for your favorite eBay items

eBay is great if you don’t mind searching for things. While everyone associates eBay with auctions (which they of course do have) they also have a lot of “Buy it Now” items, which just means the items are for sale. I have gotten a few magazine subscriptions for under $5.00, and some other great deals. All I suggest is that you look at the feedback of the person you are considering buying from, and make sure that they have a lot of positive feedback. Then go ahead! Search Flights 120x90 - Search Flights on 450+ Websites

Kayak will show you what the best prices are on airfare. Once you put in your travel information, it will search hundreds of websites to find you the cheapest prices. This is where I always go when looking to buy airline tickets. They also do the same for hotel rooms and rental cars.

Click here to get the lowest prices on cruises

Cruise Compete is the best way to get good prices on cruises. You select the exact cruise and date you want to go, and then a bunch of travel agents will get back to you with their prices. They won’t get your email address though, so don’t worry. Since they know they are competing for your business, they usually offer really low prices. Then you can book with the lowest, and save a lot of money!

Those are just a few of our favorite websites to go to when looking for good prices.

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