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Legoland California

February 18th, 2008


When you go on vacation, all of the little things can add up. Not only do you have to pay for a place to sleep, food to eat, and transportation, but you usually have to pay for the things you do each day.

Sometimes these things can get expensive! This is especially the case if you go on a vacation that includes theme parks. You can always look for ways to make theme park tickets cheaper. Sometimes there are coupons or other deals that will give you a great discount.

Since we’re planning a trip to Southern California, we recently did this, and found a great deal. If you’re going to Legoland (near San Diego, California), here is a way to really lower the cost. A one day ticket costs $47 for children under 13, and $59.00 for everyone else. That’s pretty expensive for one day, especially if you have a big family!

If you look online, you can usually find discounts of up to $8.00 off. Well, here is a really great way to get a huge discount.

LEGO has a LEGO® BrickMaster™ One Year Subscription that you can order online. It costs $40.00, and includes:

  • 6 Lego Toy Sets (You get one mailed to you every other month).
  • 6 Lego Magazines that include sneak previews, contests, building ideas, and more (You get one mailed to you every other month).
  • 1 FREE ticket to Legoland California!

This free ticket to Legoland California can be used by anyone – kids or adults. So for $80, we got 2 tickets to Legoland California, plus a total of 12 free LEGO Toy sets. I would have been happy with just the 2 tickets for $80 (we saved $38!) but we also get all of the free LEGOS as well.

We have already received the first package including the tickets, first magazine, and first LEGO set.

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One Response to “Legoland California”

  1. » Legoland Coupon - How to Visit Legoland for Less » Save Money with Dreamline Savings » Blog Archive Says:

    […] trying to figure out how to get the best price. We were very happy with the deal we found, and as we mentioned last year, this is how we did it.On the LEGO website, you can get a 1-year LEGO Brickmasters Subscription.What […]

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