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Archive for September, 2008

Free Coldstone Ice Cream Today!

September 25th, 2008

Sorry for the last minute posting, but today (September 25th) from 6pm – 8pm, you can get a free 3 oz. serving of ice cream.

You will get to choose between:
Jack’s Creation – Marshmallow ice cream with OREO cookies, chocolate chips and fudge
Emily’s Creation – Nutter Butter ice cream with white chocolate chips, kit kat and yellow cake.

All donations will benefit the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

Here’s a link to the promotion on the Coldstone Creamery Website.

Circuit City 24-Min Pickup or $24 Gift Card

September 17th, 2008

On Monday, I posted about how I bought a headset at Circuit City. What I didn’t mention, was that I ended up getting a better deal than I thought I would!

Over the weekend, I ordered the headset, and about 2 hours later went to Circuit City to pick it up. It was within an hour of closing time, and not very busy at all, so we were just going to go pick it up, and continue running a few other errands. Well, we get there, let them know we were there to pick up our purchase, and the person at customer service told us that they didn’t pick it up and bring it in the back, so they would send someone to go get it.

At that point, I was a little upset because what if there was only one or two left, and someone else bought it since it was still on the sales floor? Well, either way…we waited. A few minutes later, the guy came back, and gave it to the customer service representative. By then, she started helping someone else, so she told me to hold on…and I proceeded to wait another 5-10 minutes.

By now I was starting to get frustrated. I was only stopping in for a minute to pick up my purchase (already paid for and everything)…and yet I’d been standing there for over 20 minutes now.  So, since I had nothing better do do while I waited, I was reading their signs, one of which is a big sign that says “24-minute pick up. If your purchase isn’t behind the counter and ready for you 24 minutes after you make your purchase, you’ll get a free $24.00 gift card!”

So of course, when she finally got to me, I politely said that it had been more than 24-minutes since I ordered the item, and it wasn’t ready when I got there to pick it up, and per the 24-minute pick up they had, doesn’t that mean I get a free $24.00 gift card?

She had no idea what I was talking about, but found someone else who did. So, I left a few minutes later with my headset (a great deal at $29.99), along with a $24.00 Circuit City gift card! The funny thing was if she just gave it to me after the guy brought it up to her, I wouldn’t have said anything and would have left. I was just so frustrated after her making me wait even longer that I realized I would get a free gift card out of it.

I guess the moral of the story is, pay attention to all of the signs and deals that stores have!  If I didn’t notice the sign, I wouldn’t have gotten the free $24.00 gift card that I was entitled to, since they didn’t have the item waiting for me.  So I ended up getting an even better deal!

Dreamline Deals for Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

September 16th, 2008

There were a lot of deals today like usual, and were also a lot of freebies! So if you’re not getting the newsletter delivered to your inbox, you’re definitely missing out on those. Here are just a few of the deals that were in the newsletter earlier today:

Plantronics Audio Headset

September 15th, 2008

I found a really great deal at Circuit City’s website over the weekend. I was in the market for a headset so that I could talk on Skype, and found the Plantronics Audio 470 USB Headset. It’s normally $49.99, on sale for $29.99. Since I have a Circuit City about 15 minutes away, I ordered it online so that I could pick it up in the store.

I’ve already used it a few times, and really like it! The quality is great, and I can’t believe how inexpensive it was. I’d really recommend it to someone who wants a great headset and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money.

Dreamline Deals for Friday, September 12th, 2008

September 12th, 2008

Today was another day with a lot of great deals. Remember, it’s free to sign up to the Dreamline Savings Newsletter, and you’ll get to see not only the deals below, but a whole lot more (plus a whole lot of freebies)! If you’re ever looking for something specific, let us know and we’ll try to find you the best price we can.

Saving Money on Attractions While on Vacation

September 11th, 2008

When going on vacation, there is a good chance you’re going to do a lot of the attractions in the area. For example, if you’re going to Los Angeles, you might be going to Disneyland as well as Universal Studios. If you’re going to Toronto, you might be going to see the CN Tower, the Royal Ontario Museum, the Ontario Science Center, etc. Since this is the case, a few companies have come out with packages where you pay once, and get tickets to many of the attractions in a city at a great savings.

For example, when we were in Toronto, for one price, we got an entrance into the CN Tower, Royal Ontario Museum, Ontario Science Center, Casa Loma, the Hockey Hall of Fame, and the Toronto Zoo. It would have cost a lot more to buy tickets individually to each of these. This was known as the Toronto Citypass, and if you were going to at least 4 of the attractions, it made sense to buy the pass.  We had no intention of going to the Zoo as we didn’t have enough time, but since we were planning on going to 5 of them, it was still a savings for us to buy the pass.

Citypass is not the only one to offer such passes to different cities. There is also the Go Card which has similar passes for other cities. There are even some that are not part of a program, and just have a pass for one location, such as the Niagara Falls Adventure Pass, which included the Maid of the Mist, Journey Behind the Falls, White Water Walk, Butterfly Conservatory, and the People Mover Bus.

We did that one as well, although we skipped out on the White Water Walk due to lack of time.  We still saved money, and got to see everything we wanted to see.  It was also great since these count as tickets, so you don’t have to wait in line at each location…you can go right in!  So that was an extra little perk.

So if you’re going to a city that has a lot of well known attractions, first take a look to see if they have some sort of savings pass where you can pay once and get into many of the attractions.  You’ll be surprised at how much you can save.

Saving Money when Traveling Abroad – Converting Currency

September 10th, 2008

When traveling to another country, you will have to convert your money one way or another. There are many options to doing so though, and the amount of money you save or lose can be huge.

You can convert it before you leave, or once you get there. You can also just use an ATM at your destination, and you’ll get money in the currency you’ll need while there. Another method is to use your credit card, and you won’t have to worry about physically changing your currency. Which is the best though?

While traveling to Canada last week, that was something that was on our mind. What I recommend is that before you leave, find out the different costs for each method. You might get a better exchange rate from one place than from another.  Plus, credit cards sometimes add fees.

Another thing to take into account is your own bank. It turns out that some banks have deals with bank chains in other countries, so that you can use them just like you would your own. So for example, when we used an ATM in Toronto, it was just like using our bank back home, and we didn’t get charged any fees.

What ended up being the best for us? Well, when we used the ATM, it automatically gave us Canadian money, and we didn’t get charged any fees at all, so that was the best. When we used our credit cards, we got charged about a 3% fee each time. So for us, it was best to pay cash for as much as we could

It’s definitely something to check out before you leave though, as you can end up spending a lot more money than you originally thought if you have to pay a fee or don’t get as great of an exchange rate.

Dreamline Deals for Tuesday, September 9th, 2008

September 9th, 2008

Here are some of the deals that were in today’s newsletter. Just in case you didn’t know, if you are a subscriber (which is completely free), you can always let us know what you’re looking for, and we’ll find the best price for you! Or if you just like a specific store and are looking for when they have sales, let us know, and we’ll make sure to keep you updated! We want to make sure you’re able to save as much money as you can, so let us know what you’re trying to save money on today, and we’ll do our best to help.

Saving Money While Traveling with AAA

September 8th, 2008

When you think about AAA, you probably just think about your car, and how they can help if you get a flat tire, get stuck, or anything else like that.

While that is all very true, AAA can help you get a lot of discounts in other ways. Although I have to admit, sometimes it can be hit or miss.

We have AAA, and every time we are getting ready to book a hotel, we check both the regular rates, as well as AAA rates. Most of the time though, the regular internet rates are lower than AAA rates. I always check, because you never know.

Well, this past week, we were able to use AAA rates for 2 of the hotels we stayed at, one a Courtyard Marriott, and the other a Comfort Inn – both in Canada. Not only did the AAA card get us better rates, but it got us free buffet breakfast at the Marriott that is normally $18 per person per day. Not bad right?

AAA did even more for us this trip. They offer discounts to a lot of attractions as well. We knew that and have used them in the past, and even went to a AAA office in Asheville, NC last year to get a discount to an attraction. Well, we were able to get AAA discounts at both the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY and at Howe Caverns, which is about 45 min away from Cooperstown. So we ended up saving quite a bit on our trip due to having the AAA card.

They also offer discounts to theme parks, and even some stores (both in store and online), so it’s defintely something to check out, especially if you already have a AAA card, and hardly use it!

Dreamline Deals for Friday, September 5th, 2008

September 5th, 2008

If you aren’t subscribed to the Dreamline Savings Newsletter, you’re missing out on great deals, as well as awesome freebies! It’s completely free to sign up, and before you know it, your mail will be filling up with free samples you can try. You’ll also find that you’re saving money on things you would have normally paid a lot more for! If you aren’t subscribed, here are just a few of the deals that went out earlier today.

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