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The Ultimate Savings Guide

March 2nd, 2009


Looking for new ways to save money? With this economy (or any type of economy actually), you should always be looking for new ways to save money. You’d be surprised how easy it can be. You don’t have to spend all of your time doing it either. Sometimes something as simple as asking the right question can get you a discount.

If you’ve always wanted to know how to save money on things such as restaurants, movies, your bills, clothes, etc… you may have heard of The Ultimate Savings Guide before. We created it to give you 202 tips on how to save money in different areas of your life. It gives you simple things you can do to save money.  Most of these things take only seconds to do, and can really save you a lot.

What types of tips will you find?

  • 30 tips to save on Groceries and Health and Beauty Aids.
  • 11 tips for saving money on Entertainment.
  • 27 tips to save on your Bills and Services like phone, cable and heat.
  • 23 tips on Vacations and Traveling.
  • …and more!

Originally we sold it for $29.97. At that price it’s a great bargain. You’ll easily save hundreds of dollars after reading it, and after following even a few of the 202 tips. But we just found a way that you can get it for free!

If you go to The Ultimate Savings Guide, at the bottom of the page by the order link, there is now a “Get it Free” button. What does this do? It’ll bring you to TrialPay. On TrialPay, all you have to do is complete one trial, and you’ll get the e-book for free.

Your next question will probably be “But how much will THAT cost me?” Most likely NOTHING, unless you want it to. What you will do, is be able to choose from many different options of what you want to try. Most likely, you’ll just get a free trial of something. You can choose to purchase something – if you were planning on buying it anyway, but that’s up to you.

Why would a company let you try their product for free? It’s a great win-win for everyone. They are so sure you’ll love their product, that they just want you to try it, hoping they will win you over. You get to try the product, and you’ll get The Ultimate Savings Guide for free. Everyone wins!

We hope that this more affordable option (I mean, what’s better than free?) will help get this e-book into your hands, so that you can start saving money, and growing your bank account.

Also, stay tuned to the website, where we will keep sharing with you great deals, as well as money saving tips to help keep more money in your pocket!

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