Make Money Online

There are many ways to make a little extra money online. While we have researched the below ways to make money, any time you look into a way to make money that you found online make sure you don't have to pay for it, and make sure it is legitimate. Here are a few different categories of ways you can earn money online, and most of them only take a little bit of time every now and then!

Selling Stuff Online

Click Here is a website where you can sell your used books, music, movies, or video games. If you're looking to make some extra money, why not get rid of stuff you no longer use around the house?

Click here for your favorite eBay items
eBay - You can sell anything on eBay. Go through your house and see what you don't need anymore, and try selling it on eBay. If you really enjoy doing it, you can also start buying things at garage sales, yard sales, etc... and then sell that on eBay.

Get Paid for Giving Your Opinion

Join SharedReviewsShared Reviews - Get paid $10 for every 5 product reviews you do. Just for giving your opinions you can make some extra money. You also get paid an extra $2.00 for signing up.

ExpoTV - Do short 1-3 minute videos reviewing products (any products you want), and get paid between $2-$10 per video. There is a list on their website of what items get paid what amount each month, and how many videos you can do that month.

BzzAgent - This is where you use word of mouth to get your opinions out about certain products. You get to try new products and samples for free, and even usually get free samples to pass along to friends! After you try the product, you tell other people about it. You give your honest opinion about the product, and then report back to BzzAgent that you passed along the word. You even get points for these reports which you can use to get more free stuff.

Valued Opinions
Get paid to answer surveys. You usually make between $2.00 - $5.00 per survey, but can make up to $50 for specialist surveys. You get paid in gift cards, and can choose which one interests you. Since one of their choices is Amazon, you really can get almost anything you want from the gift card.

Mystery Shopping

The basic definition for mystery shopping is to shop a client's store anonymously, acting just like any other customer. You then report back about your experience. Many times you are looking for something specific, and they will let you know before you go what to look for. Since this is such a big section, instead of putting it here we have dedicated a whole page of Mystery Shopping Sites you can try.


There are many sites where you can get paid for your opinion. You answer surveys that can take you anywhere between a few seconds and up to a half of an hour or so, and you will get paid in return. It could be cash, points to redeem prizes, gift cards, or a whole lot more. Again, since this section is so big, we have dedicated a whole page of Survey Companies you can join and take surveys for.

Reading Emails

MyPoints - This is a great way to get gift cards to your favorite stores or restaurants. You get emails sent to you, and every time you read them and click on the link to go to their website, you get 5 points. You can also get points if you buy anything through them, or if you take surveys through them. All we do through them is read the emails and click on the links, and we get $25 gift certificates a few times a year. It only takes a few seconds, and a few times a year you'll get a great gift card out of it! Once you have enough points and order the card, it only takes a short time for it to arrive, and then you can use it at your favorite stores!

Search and Win

While these aren't exactly ways to make money, just by doing your normal searches at these sites instead of Google could earn you some extra money or gift cards.

Blingo Blingo - You can win 10 million dollars, a ticket to the movies, an Amazon gift certificate, cash, and more. If your friend win a prize, you win the same prize. They use Google for their searches.

Win Free PrizesWinzy - You can win $100,000, an XBOX 360, an iPod, Amazon gift certificates, and more. You also get extra chances to win when your friends also use them...and if your friend wins a prize, you'll win the same prize. The search is powered by

Work from Home - Freelancing

Enjoy writing, programming, drawing, or anything else that you could do from home to make some money? These websites will let you look at what people are hiring for, and you can do small projects and get paid. - If you have any skills in website design, illustration, marketing, engineering, legal, fashio, programming, writing, adin support, sales, consulting, photography, finance, and a whole lot more, you can search to see if any of the projects interest you. Many of them are small, so you can do these in your spare time to earn a little extra money from home. - If you program, design, write, do admin support, or a whole lot more, you can check out what projects people are looking to hire for. There are many small projects that you can do in your spare time for a little extra money.

Testing Products

If you enjoy testing new products, finding the bugs and problems and reporting them, you would enjoy the following.

CenterCode - They mostly have people test hardware and software. They will send you the product for free (could be a laptop, printer, fax machine, etc...) and you will test it and try to break it. You then let them know what you liked and what you had problems with. In return, they will either give you the final version of the product for free when it comes out, or they will pay you.

Baker St. Solutions - They will send you products to test, and also sometimes have small surveys. You try the product out (usually for a week or so) and then report back how well you liked it, or what you didn't like. They usually pay in Amazon Gift Certificates.

Keynote Research Panel - They usually have testing for websites. So they will ask you to go to a website, and try to do certain things on the site (like search for abc, find a page that will let you do xyz, etc.) and then tell them if it was easy to do or not. Each website test takes about a half hour, and they pay you in Amazon Gift Certificates.


E-Miles - Get free airline miles. Every so often you'll get an email to go to the site, where you'll find 5-10 little ads to read and answer a quick question about. I've already gotten 500 miles put into my Continental Airlines account, and it's really quick and easy to do. You can get airline miles for Continental, Delta, Northwest, or US Airways. Don't fly on those, or don't fly often at all? It's still worth doing. Once miles are in a frequent flyer program, you can use them to buy things, or you can use a company such as to switch your airline miles for gift certicates, other frequent reward programs, and more.

ChaCha - Are you good at searching for things on the Internet? If you enjoy doing so, you can become a guide at ChaCha, where you will get paid to help users who are searching for something. You must train first, but then you will get paid to help others find what they are looking for.