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Archive for the ‘BzzAgent’ Category

BzzAgent – New Levels, Points, and More…

June 11th, 2008

BzzAgent has made a bunch of changes on their website, and I think many people will like them. For anyone that doesn’t know what BzzAgent is, I wrote a description of it here.

One of the biggest changes was the way that they put you into what level you are in. The reason you want to be in a higher level is because you’ll get offered more campaigns. Well, now they take into account your past history with them. So even if you haven’t done any campaigns lately, it won’t hurt you. Plus, now you won’t get points taken away because you joined a few campaigns! So this is very nice.

Another great change is the rewards. Before, when you reported Buzz, you would get points that you could use to get products that were almost NEVER in stock. So the points were almost useless. Now, you get MyPoints points for it. I’m thrilled with that, since I had already belonged to MyPoints, and now I’ll be able to get free gift cards even faster. Plus, I never really got anything with the points I had with BzzPoints, so this is much better! So I am looking forward to using the new system.

I just ordered a few Barnes & Noble gift cards with the points that converted over, so I’m happy!

Bzz – Carolina Rice

April 28th, 2008


I was lucky enough to be asked by BzzAgent to Bzz Carolina Rice. If you don’t know what BzzAgent is, you can go read a post I did recently when I was Bzz’ing Tropicana Pure Valencia.

This time I got the chance to Bzz Carolina Rice – both Jasmine and Basmati. I was very excited when I saw the campaign, because the Carolina Jasmine rice is something I buy and use on a regular basis, and I have never tried the Basmati rice, so it will be a good chance to try something new.

When I was younger, I thought all white rice was the same. All I knew was it was boring, and something that I didn’t want to eat. Well, things really changed. When Scott and I bought our house and started cooking, we were looking for something to go with some of our Asian dishes, and by chance ended up buying Carolina Jasmine rice. I can’t tell you how much we like it. Well, I guess I can. Ever since then, that’s what we buy.

We both really enjoy the taste. I never liked “plain” white rice, and thought it was boring, but the Carolina Jasmine rice really goes well with the rest of my meal, and I really enjoy the taste.

I also really like the price! The Carolina Jasmine rice (the 2lb bag) is usually under $3.00. If you wait for it to go on sale, and use a coupon (there are almost ALWAYS current coupons for it out in the Sunday newspaper), you will never have to pay a lot for it.

I haven’t tried the Basmati rice yet. I had never bought it before because I wasn’t sure exactly what to do with it, but after visiting the Carolina Rice website, I have found a few recipes to try, which I hope to do later this week.

While not part of the Bzz Campaign, this is also a good place to recommend the Carolina Rice Mixes. They’re small packages, so you’d make the entire bag at once. They have a lot of different kinds, and when you use a coupon on them (they often have coupons for this as well!) you will hardly pay anything to get some great tasting rice!

It’s great to be able to buy something that doesn’t cost much, yet still tastes really great.

Bzz – Tropicana Pure Valencia

April 23rd, 2008

As I have mentioned before, I am a part of BzzAgent. In case you don’t know what that is, it’s a great community that you can join for free, and you get the chance to Buzz products. How does that work? Basically, when you fit a certain profile, you’ll be invited to join in a campaign where you can learn about a new product, and then tell others about it. You will usually get to try the product for free, so that you can tell others about it after having tried it.  The point is to get the word out about new products.

Recently I was invited to join the Tropicana Pure Valencia campaign. It’s orange juice that uses the top 3% of the oranges in the harvest, so it’s the best of the best. They also have a lot of great flavors like Tropicana Pure Valencia, Tropicana Pure Valencia with Mango (both in 56oz size), and then Tropicana Pure Pomegranate Blueberry, Raspberry Açaí, Indian River Grapefruit and Peach Papaya Mango that all come in 1-liter bottles. The price is about $4.49 (it was $4.69 at my local ShopRite), and that’s for either size.

I have to say this. I was really impressed. Normally orange juice is just o.k. to me, but this stuff was really great! I bought the Tropicana Pure Valencia Mango, and both Scott and I enjoyed it very much! I see now why it’s separated from “regular” juices, and has a higher price. Even with the high price, I will still buy it in the future, and will definitely recommend it to others.

Just as a note, you might not find it with your other juices.  By me it was at the end of the freezer aisle, in a separate refrigerated section.

Now, with this being a blog about saving money, you’re probably ready to ask me, how on earth can I talk about buying orange juice (even though it’s different flavors) when it costs that much? Well, there are a few reasons.

The first is that just because it retails for $4.50+ doesn’t mean you have to spend that much to get it.

You can try different grocery stores, wait until it goes on sale (The Tropicana Pure Valencia at 56oz was on sale at my local ShopRite last week for $3.50), or wait until they have a coupon out and use it. Also, by purchasing the 56oz flavors, you’ll get more juice for your money.

Another reason that I feel this is a good place to talk about something like this is because you CAN save money and still buy something once in a while that you really like – but isn’t exactly “budget”. That’s the whole point of trying to save money everywhere you can!  This way you’ll have money to use for the things you want.  What’s the point of saving money if you never do anything, or buy anything you want?

Think about it this way. If you use coupons and are saving $20 or so a week, then even if you buy this you’re still saving over $15 for the week. Or, if you want to buy something like this and are trying to justify it, that week get whatever brand of some other product is on sale, even if it’s not your usual brand. You’ll still have spent the same amount of money at the grocery store, and you’ll have gotten to buy something you really wanted. Plus, you might end up liking the sale item, and you’ll be able to buy it again and save money in the future!

Just because you want to save money doesn’t mean that you can’t still buy things you like.  That’s why Dreamline Savingsis all about saving money, without changing your lifestyle!

Got my Amazon Gift Certificates – There is Still Time For You Too!

March 13th, 2008

Frogpond Badge

At the end of February, I had a post about how I earned $30.00 in Amazon Gift Certificates through BzzAgent’s Frogpond by writing a few articles about travel. Well, I just checked my account, and the codes for all $30.00 are there!

You stil have time to join and write your articles so that you will also get $30.00 in Amazon Gift Certificates.

This is a perfect amount too, since once you spend at least $25.00 you won’t have to pay for shipping…so you can get $30.00 worth of almost anything just for spending a little bit of time posting about some recent vacations.

I just wanted to share, so that if anyone was waiting until someone actually got the gift certificates, you would know that they do come!

BzzAgent – Get Free Amazon Gift Certificates

February 21st, 2008

Frogpond Badge

I’ve mentioned BzzAgent before. They’re a great company where you get a chance to test products, and buzz about them – good or bad. In the past I’ve buzzed about my Sonicare Toothbrush and Sanitizer (which I absolutely LOVE and would never get another toothbrush), Listerine Whitening Strips, Perfumes, and a lot more.

Well, they also have what is called the “Frogpond”, where you can take a look at some really cool websites, and post your thoughts about them.

BzzAgent is having a GREAT promotion right now. If you go through their link to take a look at a website called GoneGoing, and post 3 articles, you can earn $30.00 in Amazon Gift Certificates.

GoneGoing is a travel website where people post about different places they’ve been. You can search these articles to figure out where you want to travel, or you can post your own.

Through March 31st, if you create an account with them using this link, you will be able to get $10.00 for each article that you write (up to 3) about a recent trip that has at least 200 words, and 4 pictures. Isn’t that a great and easy way to earn a little extra money? You can buy almost anything on Amazon, so you will easily be able to spend it!

It’s also fun to talk about a vacation you’ve taken, so it hardly feels like work…at least to me! I have already signed up, and will be posting my 3 articles today. Enjoy!!

If you want to earn up to $30.00 in Amazon Gift Certificates, click here to sign up.

December 3rd, 2006

One of the things I’m currently Bzzing is If you are a new customer, you can get 15% off new customer orders. If you are not a new customer, you can either email me, or leave a comment here, and I can give you a one time use code for 15% off your order.

We have had a few deals in our newsletter, because they usually have very good prices on things. A few weeks ago, they had a bunch of Women’s suits on sale for $99.00. If you were a new customer, it was an even better deal since you got the 12% (at the time) discount.

They have many different departments, and their prices are usually 40% – 70% off retail value. Also, you know the store Loehmann’s? They sell their stuff through Smartbargains, which means that they have stuff for sale from Calvin Klein, Nicole Miller, Kenneth Cole, Laura Ashley, Prada, Cuisinart, Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, Movado, Samsonite, and many, many more name brands.

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